Automated software for the pre-dimensioning of steel industrial buildings using frames or trusses, according to Eurocode 3

AutoSteel is an easy and automated tool for creating a complete pre-dimensioning study of a single span steel industrial building that uses standard sections frames or trusses. The software provides the following features:

  • Automated creation of the building model with the use of a step-by-step wizard that produces the geometry, the loads and their combinations as well as the masses.
  • Extensively configurable topology options with many truss configurations, frontal columns, bracings etc.
  • Automated definition of the details of standard connections.
  • Static and spectral analysis.
  • Design verification according to Eurocode 3 for all structural members and connections over all solved combinations.
  • Automatic creation of reports with associated structure drawings and connections detail drawings.
  • The drawings can be exported to DXF format for use in other detailing software.
  • The generated model topology can be exported to a file format compatible with INSTANT steel for editing and customization.

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