Design environment in AutoCAD for the drawing of steel structures

MultiSTEEL is a comprehensive steel drafting environment for AutoCAD users, and delivers the best possible accuracy and productivity in all areas of structural detailing. MultiSTEEL allows drawings to be created with speed and fluency. Whether producing scheme drawings, working drawings, or as-built drawings, MultiSTEEL provides a totally flexible solution.

It can radically improve drafting productivity (2 to 5 times) as well as the drafting quality in comparison to simple AutoCAD usage.

MultiSTEEL software is owned by MultiSUITE.

MultiSTEEL is a complete application for steel drafting and the only one available for all AutoCAD platforms. Also available as a fully self-contained CAD package powered by AutoCAD OEM technology.

  • Fast accurate GA and Detail Drawing production
  • Easy editing to keep up with design changes
  • Full section libraries, UK, European, North American and many others
  • Extensive connections library
  • Sections can be shown in 2D, 3D and Stick representation
  • Cutting lists, materials summaries, steel weights.
  • Fully integrated with MultiDRAFT
  • Full 3D visualisation of 2D drawings
  • INSTANT steel can export structure models to MultiSTEEL.

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